Why we do what we do

We believe that there is an urgent need to develop a greater awareness around the ideas of personal well-being, self-mastery, self-management, and basic-neuroscience in children, adults and educators. This common vocabulary, reinforced by training, and practiced daily, has the capacity to enable everyone to live and build meaningful and productive lives. This common vocabulary can also be of great help when things go wrong or adverse situations arise.

At Sai Shiko, our goal is to build this awareness with training and drive outcomes towards this larger goal. We achieve this by designing a course curriculum that is
age-appropriate. Our courses cover key theoretical concepts, grounded in positive psychology and neurosciences.

The theory is important because our work is based on scientific evidence and years of research in these fields. But to build an interactive teaching and learning environment we blend theory with a range of reflection exercises, videos, real-life stories and peer-discussions to create an interactive learning environment.

All our courses are structured to build-awareness around personal well-being, change thinking patterns and drive positive change. These are 4 pathways to build well-being.

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