About Us

We are a community of trained coaches, positive psychology practitioners, and teachers who are committed to leveraging evidence –based tools, practices, and concepts to build resilience and well-being skills in individuals, children, and educators.

We run age appropriate courses, workshops, master classes, and individual coaching sessions to build resilience pathways and well-being skills. Our modules are based on research from neuroscience and positive psychology.


Deepti Sen Gupta is a trained teacher, ICF-coach and a Buddhist practitioner. She has previously taught at Mirambika (New Delhi) and Step-By-Step School (NOIDA). 

Vinati Dev is a ICF – trained coach and communication consultant. She works with mid to senior level executives to drive high-performance in the work-place by focusing on leading the whole-self. 

Meet Our Facilitators

Sai Shiko facilitators are guides and role models. They live the habits, behaviors, and mindsets we want to teach our learners. They help our learners connect the dots between science and practice of well-being so that in time our learners can do it themselves. They inculcate empathy, inquiry, and bias to action.

“Sai Shiko is a project closest to my heart!
It helps build the much-needed skills of resilience and self-worth, in each precious life. I cannot think of a more pressing need than this in today’s troubled world. It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I embark on this process of helping children to discover and unleash the limitless potential of their lives.”
– Bailu Khanna

“Resilient children make for resilient societies. And it is intentional social and emotional instruction that equips children to become aware of their strengths and areas of improvement, learn to deal with challenges, and most importantly recover from minor and major setbacks which are inevitable. This should be the core of any education curriculum. I am proud to be associated with Sai Shiko’s mission – their optimism is infectious.”
– Sonal Singh


Ankit Kundra transforms our wild imagination and very vague briefs into creative designs for print and digital media. Because he does this so well, we can tell our story like we want to.

Sakshi Rawat is the in-house techie, glitch fixer, coder, and problem solver- she just figures it out.

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